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New to WC1X: Mayya’s Lebanese Restaurant

250 Gray’s Inn Road has seen many transformations, from cafe to fry-up. Now it has been metamorphosed into a small charming Lebanese restaurant by the name of Mayya’s.

Mayya’s is incidentally the name of Lebanon’s most famous current female dance ensemble. If the guys from the new restaurant can dance their part is not quite sure, and they are so new that their website is not yet running, nor did they have the Lentil Soup announced on the menu when we visited shortly after 2 p.m. on a coldish day.

But they apologetically compensated with traditional tea and some hot mezes. They run the full menu from 15.00, I was told.

The restaurant offers a few tables to sit in as well as offering takeaways.

Currently, you get 20 per cent off as an introductory rate. Even at full price, they are moderately priced for now.

So what can you get there?

Chicken Shawarma or Taouk,

Kafta Lamb


Grilled Lebanese Fish

Mixed Grill

Other dishes with Aubergines and Halloumi

Let’s wish them good luck and happy tidings, and hopefully, they will expand their menu to even more delights from the Levant.

Mayya’s has something to live up to, as it is now the third Lebanese restaurant on Gray’s Inn Road, following Levant Kitchen on No. 90-92 and Chamisse on No. 55, though the only one within the WC1X part of Kings Cross.

Mayya’s. Lebanese Restaurant 250 Gray’s Inn Road, next to Calthrope’s Arm.

T. 020-7278 7008 (Web:, not yet online)

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