because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

WC1X-South East of Kings Cross Wish List

Wish List for WC1X:

Let’s not keep people, political representatives, TFL and others guessing what would really make a difference in WC1X!

Is there something you always wanted?

Use comments to add to the list.

Here are some ideas collected over the years


  • Traffic (speed) reduction, and removal of the Kings Cross gyratory system once forced into the area. Conversion of Acton and Swinton Street to two-way traffic.
  • 20mph speed limits in the whole area. Moving the congestion zone to include more parts of Kings Cross, including Swinton, Street
  • Countertraffic Cycle Lanes
  • Less noisy railway (where open)
  • More mid-road pedestrian crossings
  • Cycle lanes that are segregated from motor traffic on all remaining main roads


  • Cleaner roads. Better rubbish enforcement, can we have some public rubbish bins, please?
  • Better link up with new King’s Cross (North) in both directions (jobs, apprenticeships training and exclusive initiatives and discounts for the community in the South East of Kings Cross and bringing Kings Cross / St Pancras traffic to WC1X for shops and services as well as infrastructure /streetscape investment.
  • A local mixed-gender secondary school for the area of South East of Kings Cross / South of Euston Road.
  • More local services and drop-ins for those over 60.
  • More effort in bringing the community together (Open day to neighbours from Police, hotels etc.  Local neighbour discounts schemas, tours).
  • Bring back more community policing
  • More EV charging points
  • Better upkeep of rental housing stock, e.g. accessible Clarion Caretaker for the area
  • Creating a cross-borough zone for people who live within 100 meters of the Islington / Camden border, where residents from both sides can access services from the other side as local residents, e.g. on local parking.
  • Regular Meeting Times in the area to see local councillors even MP. and other reps (e.g. Clarion).


  • Local repair centre, to repair anything from your bike to small items, where you can also rent tools or ask for help
  • A big supermarket chain in the area (there is only a small co-op). Some suggested a Lidl or Aldi.
  • A good community baker
  • Post Office with cash point
  • Higher-value restaurants and cafes with discounts for locals!
  • More work offices

Infrastructure /Streetscape

  • More greening up with plants and flowers
  • More comfortable bus stops in Acton St and Kings Cross Road
  • Somewhere to sit, a few public benches in places?
  • More effort into historic plaques and education in the area!


  • Annual area festival

Your ideas and wishes (please use comments to have your idea added here).

2 responses to “WC1X-South East of Kings Cross Wish List”

  1. removal of the KX gyratory. Conversion of Acton and Swinton Street to two way traffic. 20mph speed limits in the whole area. Moving congestion zone to include Swinton Street

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