because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Notice to WC1X residents on pest control.

Dear all, this is to make you aware that Clarion Housing Association or Camden Council had a pest control person coming yesterday for the garden area between 28- 32 Acton Street, 4 & 5 Swinton Place and 29-31 Swinton Street, to deal with the rat infestations.

Speaking to neighbours there were also known issues with rats on the other side of Acton Street / Frederick Street.

This could be a good time to ask your landlord to also request pest control measures where you live, or if you are a landlord, you know what to do.

Working over wider stretches together and united may increase the chances for longer-lasting results.

Last news from Camden Council is that bins (with lids) are on order for all addresses in Acton, Swinton Place and Street, where there are no stairs and space allows.

This solution may be also an additional solution for other Kings Cross WC1X areas, who are suffering from flytipping and rubbish sacks on the street for days. The preconditions is enough private space (bins not on pavement) and that the rubbish collection crew do not need to lift the bins (e.g. due to possible stairs), as that is a health and safety risk (they need to be able to role the ‘wheely bins’). There are also some rules about bin sharing where, there more flats than one in any one building. For more details see this previous post.

Collections are now on Wednesday and on Saturday for recycling and household rubbish.

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