because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Management of Building Consultation on big developments Acorn House and Belgrove House

MSD, a huge international pharmaceutical company has received planning permission by Camden to set up a UK-Headquarter where McDonald’s and the Access Storage centre are located presently opposite Kings Cross Station (Access Storage, part of the Precis Capital Group are the owners of the land). In addition an eight-storey building is to be erected at the same time on the grounds of Acorn House, in place of where the NUJ building stands presently (Gray’s Inn Road, Acton Street, Swinton Street). The architects are Allford Hall Monaghan Morris,

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The new Acorn House with eight floors (one floor up from the current building that is to be demolished) and a roof-top garden is to yield 33 new homes. 60% for social affordable rent and 40% for intermediate rent tenures, and 500 square meters of “flexible office space suitable for start-up businesses with some 50 desk spaces.”

Given that the sites have been approved, there is now an ongoing consultation about their management plan for the construction phase. Responses should be sent in by 6th of June 2022

You can find the relevant information here:

Feedback can be sent to

They cite a telephone number too, which is 0800 307 76 14.

What issues could there be with the construction?

  • Impact on traffic and congestion, the building the build-up of jammed up vehicles in Acton Street, Swinton Street and Gray’s Inn Road, potentially increasing air pollution to residents
  • The saftey of junctions, especially for pedestrians, e.g. Acton St / Gray’s Inn Road
  • Building Noise, Building Dust
  • Other Issues

We found additional planning applications on Camden’s Website listed as follows.

2022/1776/PAcorn House 314-320 Gray’s Inn Road London WC1X 8DPAmendments (Omission of approved lower basement level; various changes to internal layouts; addition of central air vent and associated louvre at level 9; changes to rooflights; changes to play space enclosure; new plant access hatch at level 10; changes to layout of 2bed 4 person apartments; increase in size of level 1 balconies) to planning permission ref: 2020/3880/P granted 01/11/2021 for the ‘Redevelopment of Acorn House as a part 6, part 10 storey mixed-use building with 33 affordable homes (with external playspace at level 6, a community room and terrace at level 9), affordable office space and retail unit at ground and basement level; together with cycle parking facilities and associated ancillary uses’.

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