because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Mice Alert! Mice spotted again in Acton Street Homes

Photo by David Bartus on

Photo by Alex Smith on

Residents between 32 and 26 Acton Street reported again mice on Wednesday 9th of September 2020. About a month ago rats were also spotted between 52 and 62 Acton Street.

There could be a connection between the rodents and the waste on the streets, although it is known that some of the structures have suffered from gnawing over years.

Camden Pest control can be contacted here. Camden Housing tenants may get a free service, There is a charge for anyone else needing the services.

Clarion Housing does not remove pests and rodents see

However, there are cases where landlords and the council have responsibilities beyond the obvious: Read


Here is a Which Magazine article on effective Mouse Control.

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