because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Camden considering waste collection twice a week at Kings Cross streets

Notes from our wonderful neighbour Jenny of Acton Street:

Meeting 14th Sept. 2020

Four residents met up with Frazer Valdez and the Manager of the Collection service at 11.00 a.m.The meeting took about 3/4 of an hour.
I have to say that the street looked better than usual!  However, this didn’t stop us and the following discussions took place.
The dumping of rubbish in Swinton Place – the collection service will be informed about making sure rubbish/recycling is always collected from the side walk ways, as it is often missed. A van came and actually removed rubbish whilst we were talking..There was also much discussion about the lack of rubbish facilities for those flats that have nowhere to store their rubbish, especially as the landings have to be kept clear due to fire and safety regulations.  This led on to the rodent problems caused by bags being left out on the pavements, around lamp posts and trees and the Manager of the collection service advised that he stores his rubbish in a black bag in his kitchen until pick up time but that didn’t meet with approval.

Mr Valdez has written on a few occasions to the residents in the blocks of flats further up the street where rubbish is a huge problem and he has now established that these flats are owned by Clarion and he will contact them.

His job is to educate residents and provide an investigative service but the Council’s legal team do not wish to impose fines.  There are also areas where wheelie bins and dust bins could be placed so that will also be looked into.

That however, can’t happen in our area on Acton Street as there is no space, so they will look into a collection happening twice a week, which everyone agreed would help.  

Mr Valdez will report back to Daniel Z directly with a response, which will be posted on the blog here.

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