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  • Less Speed, More Parties, Merger with Hampstead & more Falafel!

    Latest News 1.) SPEEDING AT GYRATORY: The councillor for Transport Strategy in Camden told me that the promised 20-mile speed reduction that was meant to be delivered by TFL and ready this October (2022) will still come but with delay. The new target date is said to be February 2023. 2. VENUE FOR PARTIES: There…

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  • Kings Cross let down by TFL and Sadiq Khan yet again

    Against the backdrop of promises made in 2020 to then GLA Member Andrew Dismore and reaffirmed to Anne Clarke, as “20 Miles on roads of Kings Cross by October 2022,” Sadiq Khan and TFL have not done anything yet again. Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowski has now written to GLA Member Anne Clarke to confront Sadiq and TFL…

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  • Kings Cross Road Safety Walk

    Councillors of Camden and Islington met with local Kings Cross residents from across the area on Thursday 14th of April 2022 for a walk through the gyratory roads of Kings Cross discussing and highlighting necessary and pragmatic solutions for everyone’s safety on some of the roads. The group stopped at various junctions including Acton Street,…

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