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Category: Food and Drink

  • The Harrison Pub needs your help

    The Harrison Pub may not be in WC1X, but is certainly frequented by many of the community. The much-loved Pub is asking for everybody’s urgent help! The independently run pub is struggling in spite of having worked hard to serve some of the best-prepared food around Kings Cross, beer and drinks and often hosting amazing…

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  • WC1X-South East of Kings Cross Wish List

    Wish List for WC1X: Let’s not keep people, political representatives, TFL and others guessing what would really make a difference in WC1X! Is there something you always wanted? Use comments to add to the list. Here are some ideas collected over the years Traffic: Services Shops/Business Infrastructure /Streetscape Other Your ideas and wishes (please use…

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  • New to WC1X: Mayya’s Lebanese Restaurant

    250 Gray’s Inn Road has seen many transformations, from cafe to fry-up. Now it has been metamorphosed into a small charming Lebanese restaurant by the name of Mayya’s. Mayya’s is incidentally the name of Lebanon’s most famous current female dance ensemble. If the guys from the new restaurant can dance their part is not quite…

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  • Less Speed, More Parties, Merger with Hampstead & more Falafel!

    Latest News 1.) SPEEDING AT GYRATORY: The councillor for Transport Strategy in Camden told me that the promised 20-mile speed reduction that was meant to be delivered by TFL and ready this October (2022) will still come but with delay. The new target date is said to be February 2023. 2. VENUE FOR PARTIES: There…

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  • New “Foodchain” Community Cafe opens on Gray’s Inn Road.

    Foodchain, a charity that helps and educates people who are HIV positive has opened their first Community Cafe in between Acton and Swinton Street on Gray’s Inn Road. It. is located inside the space that is known as The Chapel, a theatre bar that sadly tried and failed to run a few years ago in…

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