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TFL and Sadiq Khan’s continued broken promises on Kings Cross Gyratory

A promise to deliver a 20 miles speed reduction for the Kings Cross Gyratory has been broken again. TFL had previously promised to introduce the speed reduction by October 2022. After breaking this promise the area was promised implementation by February 2023, but nothing happened yet again.

Background: Kings Cross has fought for over three decades for traffic reduction and better, more resident-friendly traffic flow. In 2016, under Boris Johnson as mayor, a planning application for a complete change of the gyratory at Kings Cross involving most streets, went through a consultation stage and was about to be implemented. This was a major win for the community after years of campaigning and the result of fatalities involving cyclists and motor traffic. The area also suffered for a long time from some of the worst air- and noise pollution levels in London, due to traffic.

Sadiq Khan agreed to deliver the plans Johnson had OK’ed, subject to funds, but the implementation was delayed.

There were some improvements through the UELZ. Also, some improvements occurred due to Camden constructing a cycle lane on the upper end of Grays Inn Road, but it does not continue all the way, as it then starts to become when closures were introduced, which push traffic on the main roads.

In 2020 we learned that TFL had quietly shelved the transformation plans from 2016. Money was cited as the key factor. We argued, if only one thing could be done now, to improve the situation, it would, at the very least, be a speed reduction to 20 Miles, which would also be low cost.

On direct question at City Hall Sadiq Khan agreed to deliver this. But since that time Kings Cross is kept waiting. Following further questions, TFL said they would deliver the speed reduction by October 2022. Failing that deadline, they then went on to promise it by February 2023. But it was but another broken promise.

All councillors and London Assembly Members of the affected areas were last week made aware of the blunder, in the hope that this will bring about the implementation through political pressure. (October 2020 A. Dismore to S. Khan)

After 50 years Kings Cross Roads about to become safer!

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