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Dry January – Are you in?

After those Christmas and New Year excesses, is your body and mind in need of a time out from alcohol?

A break from alcohol can be a reset for the body and mind, better sleep, more energy and help save money while times are tight.

Swinton Street-based alcohol awareness charity ‘Alcohol Change’ could be what the doctor ordered, for living and feeling better. 

A month off the booze has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes and cancer-related proteins in the blood. And you benefit from increased levels of well-being and generally feeling better about yourself.

Alcohol Change have a FREE ’Try Dry’ smartphone app to help you take a dry month, track and set your own goals for drinking year-round. Or sign up for their free coaching emails to help you stay dry and have a great month!

Go on, give Dry a Try!

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