because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Let’s do it! A community group for WC1X!

The idea behind was to give this area, South East of Kings Cross, a renewed voice and identity. The new built Kings Cross in the North has invested massive resources to become known as the King’s Cross and without us,  even though we existed before as King’s Cross. So I suggest the following, not to compete with them, but in order NOT to be forgotten.

This website grew out of initially just being a site for Acton and Swinton Street / Place.  I was one of the authors of Kings Cross Local Environment, which was Kings Cross’s voice in the 2010s. Whilst engaging in the practicals like setting up this local web presence and engaging with others on Street Safety and Waste, it became clear that there is a more extensive spread of interest (after all, there was little communal voice before).

When more people express their views or stand behind demands, others will listen more closely. We need a community organisation to represent this area’s varied and common views and interests.

There are other benefits, too. Not the least, running this page has a cost to it, especially if it is to be done a touch more professionally in the future, but we could also think of a street or area festival at some stage (look at Amwell Street Festival).

Our neighbours in the North of Kings Cross in part host huge companies and corporations, and for them to find us to invest back in our community in the South East of Kings Cross, we need an address. For all these reasons, we should set up a little residents’ group/community organisation that we can officially register as a not-for-profit so that it can exist in its own name and not as one o a few individuals. 

It can only do one thing, strengthen us, our voices, improve our area and make sure others respect it. Future developments in the area will have to consider our thoughts and feelings, especially residents (businesses and organisations already had access to a forum at the council). Where there is no recognisable voice, communities are taken advantage of.

What is being suggested?

Not much. A few local individuals, who are happy to register a local community organisation and group.

Let me and others know if you should be counted in by putting your name forward, and we can give birth to it.

Thank you

Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowski

Journalist (GB-correspondent of a German newspaper) based at Kings Cross for some 25 years with my first room on the Argyle estate dating back to 1991, Co-founder Coram’s Fields User Group, current School Trustee, co-author of Kings Cross Local Environment.

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