because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Rats are seen openly feeding on rubbish bags in Swinton Street, Kings Cross.

Residents on Swinton Street observed whole groups of rats feeding on rubbish left outside on the street. This includes rubbish by some of the guest houses and hotels, allegedly including from The House of Toby.

We have been told that Veolia and Camden council as well as the hotel have been made aware, but so far things have not improved.

All residents are reminded to keep rubbish indoors until collection on Wednesdays. Hotels and business users should not leave rubbish overnight outdoors.

The council has been addressed and promised to distribute bins where possible a week ago, though they have not yet arrived. They also promised additional collections and education.

Kings Cross Residents highlighted at the last meeting between them and Veolia and Camden at the end of April that their expectation, in the long run, is for the installation of a proper waste disposal system for inner-city areas, ideally what has been labelled the Amsterdam or Greek underground disposal model.

Labour-run Camden has over time removed bins, and then ended daily collections. Both have resulted in people dumping their waste on the street for days where it is accessed by vermin and giving a dreadful unfriendly appearance of the streets. For about two years residents are trying to request a solution that makes the area look attractive again and prevents the spread of rats.

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One response to “Rats are seen openly feeding on rubbish bags in Swinton Street, Kings Cross.”

  1. Hi Daniel, re our conversation about rats in Swinton St, I live between the Toby Inn and the Arriva hotel, the rubbish of both these establishments are bringing rats.
    I’ve spoken to the staff at both hotels explaining that putting their rubbish in a wheelie bin would put an end to this problem, I’ve seen it work in the past.
    The gentleman from the Toby Inn said that they had 2 wheelie bins on order but 2 weeks later there is no sign of the wheelie bins thus dozens of rats feed of their rubbish every evening through the night until the rubbish is collected in the morning, the holes in the bags mean rubbish drops out when the rubbish is collected and is very rarely cleaned up by the hotel!
    The manager of the Arriva hotel, whilst very polite was only helpful in making me understand why they won’t assist in getting rid of the rats. He states that as where they place their rubbish is private land they don’t have to change, that they use a private firm to collect their rubbish that doesn’t have the equipment to use with wheelie bins. He cleaned the area up which was great, until the process begins all over again!

    I’ve a video of the rats on my phone, I’ll put it on here if I can work out how to do it

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