because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Residential Waste Solution Meeting Acton Street, Swinton Street and Swinton Place, Kings Cross.

Clarion, Council and Veolia Representatives are coming to meet residents


15.00 on Friday (22/4/22)

on Swinton Place.

For a solution regarding the rubbish in the street.

Recap:  What are the issues?

This area went from daily collections (the early 2000s) with one single bin to all waste collections once a week. We then had green recycling bins (one per household) added, before all bins but the small brown bins were removed.  We then had a recycling container on Swinton Place (the 2010s) but it was removed after a few years due to abuse (household waste and builders’ waste). The result was many bin bags got strewed everywhere on the streets with focal points such as on the corner of Swinton Place and around some trees.  At times nappies and large bulky stuff ended up on the roads. This, to nobody’s surprise, attracted rats that access the bin bags.

The council has been reluctant to bring back bins and containers.   

Locals argued that the ideal scenario would be daily collections or an Amsterdam model where particular underground bins are created that can even be of a system that only be accessed by residents (please watch this funny little video on rubbish collection in Amsterdam to familiarise yourself ).

Waste Bins in Amsterdam. see full article on this here

The additional collection on Saturday and so far three bins were the first few offers from the council to accommodate residents somewhat. At some stage, they considered hanging large black bags in front of our houses, but it never came to that. Now they agreed that residents can possibly have some bins back, where possible (likely to be one recycling bin and one general waste bin), which residents have to agree to share. These steps still leave some addresses with no space in front of their addresses and many flats within without a solution.

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