because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Share your knowledge on safety of roads

Share your Information at King’s Cross Walk

Highlight the Kings Cross trouble and danger spots 2022, and share your knowledge!

A Kings Cross Walk with local councillors.

Meeting at the corner of Swinton Place/corner of Acton Street

Thursday, 14th of April 13.00-14.00


Those of you interested in seeing changes and know the streets, significantly and above all, if you live at or near Kings Cross, but not the least if you work there or travel through week on week, are invited to join this “share your information” walk with councillors to highlight the spots that are dangerous or make the experience of living at Kings Cross, or walking or cycling through, more often than not, an unpleasant or even scary experience.

Kings Cross Danger Map 2022

In 2011 long-standing Kings Cross Campaigner Sophie Talbot created a Danger Map, highlighting many dangerous spots. I have now made a 2022 update here

Several spots of locals were added in after consultation, and you can still suggest areas by emailing information to me at dz (dot) updates (at/@) gmail (.dot) com

What is this about?

The campaign for safer and less polluted streets in the Kings Cross Gyratory Area goes back decades. When I first got started to engage in the early 2000s (via Kings Cross Development Forum, a.o.), locals said that the campaign predated that, reaching even into the 1970s. Kings Cross has seen some deadly accidents and had some of London’s worst air pollution and noise on maps (measured on the London noise map and air pollution charts). The creation of the UELZ-Zone and London Congestion Zone made some difference, and there was some road calming and crucial cycling facilitating changes by both Islington and Camden councils. Still, some of the main streets retain their hazardousness. The transformation is far from complete.

After locals have been campaigning for it for years (not the least through the blog Kings Cross Environment)  and having succeeded to have plans created under Boris Johnson’s time as mayor (after much resistance by TFL of the 2000s and 2010s) and securing commitment by Sadiq Khan, plans by TFL of a multi-million Pound all comprehensive Kings Cross gyratory transformation was quietly brushed away last year (2021).

The aim for all is safety first, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

Reduced Speeds
Increase counter traffic cycle lanes
Link up loose ends of traffic lanes in the area
A more pleasant, zero toxicity environment, where we can breathe and our children can grow up.
More pedestrian and cycle crossings
More clarity on some road lanes for all concerned, including car drivers.
Reduction and redesign of some of the still massive space granted to serve only motor traffic.
The Plan of 2015/2016 (which had passed the public consultation stage) should remain highly suggestive of where changes need to go.
Honour and remember those who lost their lives on our roads with changes, but also those whose health was damaged drip by drip through long-standing air pollution.

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