because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Tell TFL you care about them shelving transformative 2016 plans for Kings Cross

A petition has been started to request that TFL and the Mayor of London keep alive extensive 2016-plans that would have transformed the Kings Cross gyratory into a safer, healthier and better environment. Most Kings Cross residents approved the plans in a consultation in 2016. We wanted it all, and we still want it! (Click here to support the vision)

One of the impressions of the transformation published in 2016

The plans were crafted after several people had died on our roads and much lobbying by Boris Johnson when he was still London Mayor.

Sadiq Khan has promised to upkeep the plans, subject to funding, but no funding to support the vision has been available five years on. Now TFL wants to change a few junctions only. In 2020 TFL quietly shelved the transformative vision for Kings Cross.

The fatalities that are not that long ago seems to be forgotten, bit only in November 2021, this year, a serious collision between a bus and cyclist reminded all what is at stake, when safety investments over a plan that already went through planning and consultation stages, based on the recognition and study of all identified shortcomings of the Kings Cross roads are withheld. Alongside the fact that Kings Cross roads were and still are amongst the more polluting streets of London, at one stage amongst the highest in London and by implication in teh UK and Europe. Money was spent already over these plans. By shelving them, TFL is in fact admitting that they have been wasting public money.

Those who called for and drafted the 2016 vision were however right. Millions cross through Kings Cross whilst people also live here, many have families with children, some are elderly. Some cross major roads just to go grocery shopping or to school. The Kings Cross gyratory may also be the first bit of London people travelling to London from the North of Europe will experience. It is where the best British traffic and road management should be showcased rather than a solution crafted out of shoestrings.

Acton Street would have seen an extra cycle lane and general calming, whilst other streets would have become slow-moving two-way streets, overhauling all crossings and junctions.

Even if money is in short supply, Kings Cross deserves a full holistic vision that addresses the shortcomings of the one-way gyratory system once and for all.

You can show you care but adding your name to this petition. Click here:

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