because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

We finally have some bins back

After years of trying to make it understood to Camden Council and the rubbish collection company Veolia, TFL and local social landlord Clarion that the flats are too small to store rubbish long and that this aggravated the dumping of rubbish on the streets, there are finally the first signs of hearing us – after some years.

There are finally some bins again on Acton Street, having arrived this week.

Rubbish bins were removed some good ten years ago or longer as a beautification attempt inside London, but this made many streets worse especially after Camden amongst others stopped daily collections on main roads.

Without anywhere to put the rubbish it ended up on the street. So far we have seen some big bins in from of some of the addresses, but not all, and no recycling bins.

Recycling can be very bulky and stored for a week inside flats can also become a fire hazard. It is not unreasonable to add some big recycling bins as well, per address.

Thank you for beginning to listen!

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