because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Acton Street is all flowers again!

At the corner of Acton Street / Swinton place members of the neighbourhood put up a flower bed again. Such a flower-bed existed already in 2015, but TFL opposed the fencing with then bricks.

The plants are the community’s plants, and if you have a spare flower or plant to put in, please go ahead. Also if you can help watering the plants or remove weeds, it would be much appreciated.

Residents that live near other trees are welcome to copy this and transform our street. As said, to TFL the main issue is that it has to be done in an orderly way that does not cause obstacle to visually impaired people (such as when there are lots of pots), and not with the use of bricks.

Also, a big call to all neighbours to guard the flower-beds. There have been flower-and plant-thieves in the area in the past. If we work together, these flowers and plants should stay and make us all happier and proud of our neighbourhood and the people who live in it.

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