because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Rat Alert II – Visible Rat population increased!

Click image for Ham and High article on soaring rat populations in Camden

Dear Residents,

if you have not acted or done anything on rats in the past, it is time to take action now.

Residents in basement flats are spotting hords / families rats daily now.

Contact your landlord if you see them, e.g,. Clarion Housing or Camden Council.

Only put household waste that contains discarded food outdoors on the evening before collection day. P

Collection Day is Wednesday!

Try to speak to your neighbours who may not be aware when collection day is.

If you must put waste outdoors before, it should be dry non food items only. If possible use a waste-bin that animals can not enter.

Rats are able to bite through plastic and bin-liner bags!

If populations keep growing, they will eventually enter your home!

Do not, or try to talk to elderly relatives to please stop “feeding pigeons” or putting old food on soil. Rats have been seen to eat that too.

If you are a private land owner check for nests and set traps.

Restaurants in the area, please discard food-waste safely, so that animals can not access them!

Wishing You all a good rat-free winter!

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