because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Rat Alert!

Photo by Denitsa Kireva on

The lockdown is said to encourage rats spreading and becoming more daring, less er people are also encouraging these shy animals to be more adventurous, experts say (see this Evening Standard Article).

Sightings of rats were made at the following locations:

Acton Street, Swinton Place & Swinton Street

  • communal gardens, especially underneath sheds
  • on the pavement, feeding from discarded food and sacks put out on non collection days (they feed from incisions made into the sacks)

Pest control (Clarion) has been alerted, as well as Camden Street Environment

We should only put outside household waste on teh collection day Wednesday, and if not possible store securely somewhere where raths can not have access.

Feeding pigeons is said to help vermin to.

Composting should be only done, if containers can be secured, so rats can not enter,

Some neighbours have said investing in extra containers and bins, to do their bid to help the problem.

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