because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

End of Racing and Speeding on Kings Cross Gyratory Roads

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given the go ahead for slower speeds for 20 Miles an Hour speed reductions and other changes to make the roads less dangerous.

This assurance was made on a question raised by AM Andrew Dismore to to the mayor on behalf of Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowski. Labour councillors from Camden and Islington agreed with the request.

The promises are on the basis that there was already a consultation back in 2016, which has so far not been implemented, and that most surrounding roads are already 20 Miles an hour (e.g, on Gray’s Inn Road and parts of Kings Cross Road).

Kings Cross was omitted in big changes around London after the first lockdown, which was why it was felt necessary to remind TFL of the changes that had been in the pipeline for the gyratory. The omission occurred, wrote a TFL officer, because the Kings Cross schema was managed by a different team which was furloughed. In the past delays too part, due some roads being suggested as HS2 lorry parking.

Thankfully, we are now moving towards the implementation of changes, though, they are still subject to funding.

Clr. Adam Harrison of Camden was assured by TFL that Acton and Swinton Street are going to be slowed down as part if their Vison Zero road safety plan.

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Speeding Accident on Acton Street at 2017

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