because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Update – tube noise on Acton Street

Unfortunately in their latest communication, TFL now reckons that there is actually nothing wrong with the rail joints causing the noise issue, which they claim are the newest, most modern type of joints that they have and as a result, that they must be in very good condition… This is contradicting the engineer report that they’ve received (stating a widening of the contact patch between the joints) and the fact that the noise issue has significantly worsened since last year. They are now saying that since there’s now nothing wrong with the joints, addressing the noise issue will take two to three years when the whole line’s signalling system is due for an upgrade. This position is unacceptable, in blatant contradictions with the facts and particularly depressing to hear in those time of home confinement. Filing more complaints to TFL (see previous posts) to increase pressure and not taking no for an answer is probably the only way forward at this point…

Stay safe in the meantime

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