because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Help a Neighbour?

Can you help a neighbour during isolation?
For all who are healthy and well and able under 70 years of and especially all under 40, you may wish to print this form and fill it out and distribute it to any of your neighbours, more vulnerable or known to be ill.
Update on rubbish.
Camden Environmental Team has told me they are consulting with Veolia on measures they could take this week.
“Emergency Food Parcels Project Volunteer
  • Introduction

We are receiving a significant number of calls from older people in distress because they haven’t enough food at home and are too nervous to go out. In response to these we are working with the local community to collect donations of food/household goods and redistribute them to those older people in need. We will then support them to ensure they have an ongoing supply of shopping through local networks or via our internet shopping service.

  • Volunteer Roles 

In this role, you will be assisting our efforts to ensure that our services continue to support older people in Camden during this time of a coronavirus pandemic. You will bring your enthusiasm, energy and skills to our emergency food parcels project. We have three volunteer roles to support our staff to provide this service:

  1. Sorting and packing donations of food and household essentials.
  2. Moving donations from drop off points to parcel packing points.
  3. Delivering emergency food parcels to people in need in the community

We’re looking for people who have:

  • A positive and enthusiastic approach
  • An attention to detail when sorting/packing
  • The ability to lift/transfer/carry goods.
  • An interest in our work supporting older people.

We’ll ask you to:

  • Volunteer 2-4 hours of your time a week/fortnight

We’ll give you:

  • Support to do your role
  • Regular feedback
  • The opportunity to meet other volunteers
  • Expenses that cover your out-of-pocket costs whilst volunteering with us, e.g. travel costs
For further information:

T: 020 7239 0400

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