because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Recycling and Waste. What Locals say

20200105_122157 (1)This is what Neighbours said:

I have been using the Cleanup Camden App and tried to comment to Camden but my email got bounced back. I’ve been away so just realised. Anyway, my suggestion is something as they do in Brighton.  In order to tackle seagulls accessing rubbish for tenants in a similar situation as us, they installed large black pedal bins for household rubbish. It made it easier for the collection lorries and the residents to deal with waste.
We recycle lots so storing up to three bags isn’t fun and takes up lots of kitchen space. We tried to do the food bin but it got really smelly and then someone did toilet in the food waste bin outside on the pavement. Not a pee! We try to keep the rest of waste down to one bag but it isn’t always possible, then with food waste in it, the smell is terrible so we can’t keep a full bin in the house. Especially with the mice infestation in these blocks. 

We are Ok because we have a house, but for tenants in smaller flats who live upstairs there is nowhere to store the stuff, and when they have kids it is even worse.  If we get bins, where will they be put, and how will they not be kicked or stolen. I have seen cleaners I thought to be from the room rental, disposing of rubbish on Swinton Place. When rubbish lies about openly sometimes people search stuff in it. Whatever the solution, it should mind this

Thanks for the letter re rubbish, thanks for the effort.  I called them last yr same concern and issues. I’ll happily come along this mini-tour if I am around on the day. .  I’ll email you some ideas I had to help us solve the constant merry go round, avoiding enviro crime sticker mn.
I just read your letter and I completely agree with you, it is impossible to keep the rubbish inside. In my case, I have to throw the bin every day because I had an infestation of mice that I cannot get rid of, keeping the bin might just attract them. There are no places since I have moved in where I can throw the bin properly and actually recycle my rubbish. It is not normal that we don’t have a proper place to put ours bins in, it is not clean for the street and all the basement flat that lives on the street. All the rubbish goes down there and it is unacceptable, we should not be penalised because the Camden council cannot put a proper way to throw rubbish. I strongly encourage your initiative.
Thank you
Said that he fully supports concerns, and says that it is simply not possible to store the waste for one week inside the flat, without going down and having somewhere to put it. He lives here for 26 years and it is a big problem for him. He is grateful it was raised.

I live on (removed)

— Acton Street and saw your note about waste/rubbish collection, and I wholeheartedly agree that a better solution than seeing bins gather for a week on the street should be fond, as it’s neither salubrious not making up for a pleasant neighbourhood environment. I would think that external bin containers for each flat (or block of flats) as seen in most of West London should be if not a permanent solution at least an improvement? 

Well done on the Acton St rubbish clear up letter!

It’s looking better already!

I have been living in Acton Street since the 1990s. I can see that people put rubbish around the trees.  It makes the neighbourhood look filthy.  On a recent visit to Belgium, I saw that it is possible to keep cities tidy and separate the rubbish nicely.  I expect the council to do better here, we pay council tax. There is little room to keep the rubbish.  The signs at the tree helped a bit.

Many thanks for taking on the problem with rubbish and recycling in Acton Street. Like you, I am very concerned by the increasing numbers of orange and black bags and sometimes unbagged rubbish in the street.

One aspect which I find particularly worrying is the increasing number of rats in the neighbourhood. It is now quite common to see them not only in our street but also in Grays Inn Road. I have seen quite a few in the area in front of Lloyds Bank. They appear to be fearless and ignore people walking by.

Apart from being a danger to health the current situation presents a very poor picture of Camden for all the tourists using local hotels.



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